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Canaan House is a Halfway House for Women in recovery from drug and or alcohol abuse, or recently released from prison.

Canaan House Achieves

90% of all Canaan House graduates are drug & alcohol free, and have not returned to jail.

70% are gainfully employed or enrolled in continuing education programs.

92% of those who are mothers have been reunited with their children

Graduates of Canaan House transitions are fresh and resilient like the flowers in the garden. They grow and blossom whether in the "sun or in the shade" of life’s daily experiences.

Canaan House

Recovery goes beyond abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It involves the conscious and intentional split from people, places, things and behaviors that were present during active use.

Few people can accomplish this change alone. Canaan House provides women the support and insights of a group of residents who are dedicated to their own recovery.

Recovery must be a total focus. We expect our residents will expend at least as much energy on achieving recovery as they did obtaining their drug of choice. In return we pledge to support them in this exciting journey to a life of freedom.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that all are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

US Declaration of Independence.

Canaan House

A highly structured residential program for women who possess a sincere desire to reconstruct their lives.




We help our residents build the self determination, respect for self and others, and hope for the future.

What You Can Do?

Pray for Canaan House residents and staff. We are involved in a spiritual battle.

Organize a collection of cleaning supplies or personal hygeiene items for Canaan House.

Invite us to speak to your group or organization. Canaan House graduates have compelling real life experiences to share.

Send a monetary donation to Canaan House. A little goes a long way and your support is needed in these economic times.

Assist the staff by volunteering your time for programs or maintaining the facility.

When you are one in the spirit, you are never alone!


We assist them in building and maintaining what we have found to be the four essential pillars of recovery:

    Professional counseling with an accredited • addictions counseling agency.

    Full participation in one or more of the 12-step • programs.

    Competency in basic life skills through a • variety of classes-most of which are offered on site at Canaan House.

        Discovery and nurture of individual spirituality.*

*Encouraged but not mandated

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